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Working with AIB Staff   

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We are delighted to be working with AIB in making Health & Wellness the easy choice. To avail of our 50% Off all meal plans Offer. Simply email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and quote "AIBSTAFF" & the program you want.


Weekly Meal Plan, Full Recipes, Expert Advice & More

We spend a lot of time talking to people and finding out what they need. Life today allows us little spare time to shop, prepare meals, understand what is really good for us and actually cook delicious foods. Thats why we have developed meal plans with recipes that actually taste great. All the ingredients can be bought in your local shop and they very easy to put together. The result is hasslt free food that tastes amazing. 

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 "We are here to share our expertise, knowledge and passion with you. Please write to us, talk to us and share your story with us. If you have questions, we are here to help. We want health to be the result of sharing great food with the ones you love"   Tom & Jeeny


Our Programs

 Active Lifestyle

For many people, it's just about knowing what to eat, when to eat and some inspiration around food and recipes. This plan is designed for people who workout, or have active lifestlyes and not much time. It includes a meal plan, recipes and planners. It also includes advice on Sports Nutrition, what to eat before and after training and how to stay in shape. 

Sample meal Plans

Normal Cost: €50         AIB Staff Discount: €25 


The Code - Rapid Fat Loss

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One of the most common issues for people is how to get a good "kickstart" with losing weight. Many people may have a wedding or social event that they want to lose a few pounds for and have always tried crash diets in the past. Having spent over 10 years examining all kinds of diets, Tom Coleman finally gave in and designed a program himself. This program comes with a simple 3 Week Exercise plan as well. There is a lot of science behind this program. This program contains foods which target the "sirtuin" pathway -the fat burning pathway. The recipes taste great as always and are easy to prepare. The powerful effect of good nutrition and specific exercise target fat stores and ensure rapid and lasting fat loss. 


Recipes, Meal Plan, Exercise & Inspiration



Normal Cost: €50           AIB Staff Discount: €25



Muscle Up Program for Muscle Gain 


For those guys and girls who want to put on some muscle. We have everything you need to know about gaining lean body mass in the fastest way possible. Years of exprince have taught us the easiest way to harness your body, use your hormones and utilize exercise to make gains. This guide includes independent advice on supplements and recommendations on which supplements are best.

The Muscle Up Program includes a 60 Day guide to lifting, Nutritional Bible with advice on all things food, Protein and supplements and an Exericse Program to help you transform your body.  




Normal Cost: €50         AIB Staff Discount: €50